Make Me Invisible

Lord, it’s me again
On my knees, I pray
I hope you are pleased with me by far
And that I’m doing your will

Lord, I ask that in all that I do for You,
I don’t become the one to get the glory but You;
Make me invisible so people will only see You
Not me.

I don’t want to offend you by taking the credit for myself
When people tell me I’ve been a pillar in their lives
And that I’ve helped changed their lives
Please help me remember to say that it was You, not me
That I’m just a vessel and You are my master.

Make me decrease so You would increase
Make me invisible so people can only see you.
I don’t want to compete with You for credit and glory
I want you to have it all because only You deserve it.
Because You were the one who died for our sins out of love,
I’m just the one proclaiming it to the world.

Make me always remember You are the Potter
And I’m the clay, and that I become whatever You make
And that I do whatever You wish me to do.
Because whenever one hears good news,
We should thank the One who made it happen
And not the messenger.

Please help me so that I don’t become proud, Lord
Because You oppose the proud and give grace to the humble;
Make me humble enough to always listen to You
And to do Your wishes.

This is my humble prayer, Lord
I know You have already answered it.
Thanks for being so sweet.
And I love you…like….can’t describe it,
Because it is overwhelming.
Let your presence surround me everywhere I go
And remind me each that You are the potter and I’m the clay.

Inspired by the track Invisible by Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard.


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