He Called Me

He called me
Out of the lot, He called me
Not because I had anything or possessed any quality
I was just favored.

Out of the many, He called me
Out of the called, He chose me
Like crumbs on a plate, He picked me
Why, because He wanted me.

He called me His
And now I call Him mine
He laid His life down for me
So I lay mine down for Him
Every crown He has given me
I lay it down at His feet
Because only He deserves the glory

He’s calling you now…
“What can I do for You, Lord?” should be your cry
“Whatever You ask of me, I will do,” should be your request
All He is saying is “Love Me.”
Because if you love Him, you will obey His commandments.

All He is saying is “Trust Me.”
Because if you trust Him, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore.

All He is saying is “Believe in Me.”
Because if you do, you will be saved.

Jesus is still calling out at the door of your heart
If only you would heed to it and open the door
He won’t force Himself in; He will wait for you to open it
And when you let Him in, you will never regret that you did
You will only regret not doing so long ago…

When you hear the birds chirp, it’s Him calling out to you
When you see the sun shine, it’s Him watching you
When you feel the wind blow, it’s Him reminding you
If you would only say from your heart, “Oh Lord, here I am.
Take me as I am and use me as you will. Help me to love and trust You no matter what,”

You will feel the rushing wind of peace fill your heart
And a sense of purpose fill your mind…
Just answer the call first.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Well-written and lovely! Shalom


  2. A very awesome poem! It leaves me speechless because of the beauty of your words! Thanks for sharing!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks for appreciating it, Wendell. Great writers like you inspire me. God bless you for being such a great impact in my life!


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