What’s Your Fragrance?

What perfume do you wear? Why is it your favorite fragrance? People tend to patronize the popular designer perfumes and colognes because it helps to elevate their self-esteem and makes them feel good about themselves. Those who are celebrity fanatics go after fragrances named after their favorite superstars so as to identify themselves with them and have a feeling of being close to them.

It’s no hidden fact that a pleasant aroma draws attention. Everyone loves to be associated with a pleasant substance. As Christians, we are the living fragrance of God. It is a pleasant, powerful, life transforming, eternal, aroma that makes people wonder what makes us so different. We are God’s representatives on earth so we should beware of how we conduct ourselves among people.

We are God’s signature scent-we are a living testimony of the transforming grace of his Son Jesus. So now that we are aware of what we are in this world, have you ever wondered what people think about God as a result of being around us? Are we portraying the very true nature of God on earth? Are we proving to the world that there is indeed a just, merciful, kind, forgiving, generous, loving, faithful, patient, holy and perfect God who is waiting with wide-opened arms ready to receive anyone who runs to Him?
We are Christians: Christ-like people so we should always keep that in mind when hanging around people especially those who do not know the Lord. If they should make up their minds to follow the Lord, it partly depends on us since it is our responsibility to show them how our God is like.

Just as models and celebrities must display the items they endorse, so must we exhibit the qualities of the God we boldly profess.
We can’t afford to give people a wrong impression of God by our occasional careless words and actions. We must ask for God’s grace and strength daily to help us to show the world that we are the true reflection of His Son on earth.

So when you are going out, make sure you are putting on the right fragrance. People are counting on you to show them the right way. Don’t be the reason why they turn away from God. Remember, you are God’s signature scent!


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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    WOW! and WOW! Excellent article. This really hits the mark, and reminded me to think about the precious aroma nd fragrance of our Lord Jesus…the Lily of the Valley…the sweetest early flower of Spring. May He help us in grace to be more like Him…


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