I was before, I am now

Been there, done that…

I was born a sinner right from my mother’s womb
Clothed in filthy garments, awaiting a hopeless fate of doom
Worthless was I, foolish were my ways
Miserable was my life, silly were my thoughts
But that was before You came to save me.

Desperate was I, ready to grasp any little promise of comfort
Living an empty life, nothing seemed to satisfy me enough
Proud I was, believing that I could make it all by myself
Lonely I was, a true friend I could find nowhere
But that was before You came to rescue me.

Ever felt that way?

When You died on the cross,
The chains fell off me and the shackles got broken
When they put the crown of thorns on your head
You lifted the curse of sin off me
When blood and water gushed out of Your side,
I was born anew of your Spirit

Now, I am a child of God,
I am a joint-heir with Christ His Son
I am a proud ambassador of His Kingdom
I am a laborer in His vineyard
I am the apple of His eye
I am…who He says I am

Now I can be who He wants me to be… 🙂

So why would I want to go back to this world
Which offers only grief, diseases and endless frustration?
Why would I chase a life full of lies, illusions and empty pride?
With no assurance of what the future holds for me
When the God of the whole universe belongs to me?

I am God’s creature, child, friend and employee
Jesus is my King, Savior, Redeemer and confidant
I was a living dead before, I am a living being awaiting an eternal life
What else could I ask for?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Wonderfully written, J! I was encouraged greatly!


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