Available… or Sold Out?

This is a message I heard today. And the words hit me so hard that I realized that there are some things I have to take seriously. As Christians, we love to say we have availed ourselves to be used by God-that our lives are available to God. It is good that we have availed ourselves to God. But if you have availed yourself to God, why are you still available to other things?

The preacher used this scenario. We as humans, are like items on a shelf arranged in a shop. Every item is available because it is for sale. Anyone comes in to see which items appeals to him or her. It does not matter who touches it, it is available for all who are interested. But immediately an item is bought, it becomes the sole property of the owner. It is no longer available, it is sold out.
So as Christians, we should constantly remind ourselves that we have been bought at a price-the blood of Jesus, the beloved only begotten Son of God. Hence we should not say we are available because we are not. We are sold out to God. Available people have options; sold out people don’t- they only serve their master.

Available people are the lukewarm people in churches who think all they have to do is to just be present at church services and other programs. They are called ‘available’ because anyone can tamper with them at will; hence they are the most vulnerable ones to the enemy. Available people have options in the sense that, since they are not wholly committed to God, they choose when to serve God and when to pay a visit to the world. Thus, the enemy can use them at any time without them realizing it. They are just…available.

But when you declare yourself sold out for God, everyone knows your stance. You’re the sole property of God. And God acknowledges you as such and the enemy is afraid of you because in order to touch you, he has to touch God because you abide in Jesus and Jesus and his Father are one. And God will not deal with him lightly for that. You’re totally insured by God-He will take care of you because you are His.

Never say you are available, you are sold out to God. This means you are slave to God and His righteousness. You don’t have a choice but to say YES to God’s every demand. Believe it or not, every human being alive today is a slave, but the question is whose one’s master is. It’s either you are a slave to God or to the enemy who ensnares people with all the enticing traps of perverted pleasures this world can offer.

Look at it this way: this Master pays takes care of His own; good health, peace and prosperity are their portion. The enemy who is the father of liars only provides a temporary illusion of pleasure with a lifetime of oppression, diseases, guilt and misery. Why not be sold to God- our price has already been paid for by Jesus’ blood. All you have to do is to accept Him in Your life.

And if you are already a Christian, you are not just an available vessel; you’re already sold out. So don’t be available to be used by the enemy. Available people end up becoming liabilities to God because you end up wasting the worth of Jesus’ blood on your life to serve the enemy whenever he wants to.

Let this be our mission statement: We are no longer available; we are sold out to God!


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  1. Amen! God give us eyes to see and ears to hear this message …and not to be tired items on a shelf, but SOLD OUT! 🙂 Powerful article!

    Joseyphina…by the way, I am forwarding to you a blog award…which I received recently – The Very Inspirational Blogger award…I’ve been away for a couple weeks, but I wanted to ‘pass it on…’ Congratulations for being a very inspirational blogger: http://5wise.wordpress.com/awards/


  2. Cristal says:

    I like the way you put this — to whom or to what have I made myself available? Great insight!


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