Slumber Not!

A friend shared this and the message really hit me hard. It was about the story in the Bible of the two women who had an argument about their babies. One had slept on her child and killed him. The other had slept so hard that her living child was swapped with the dead one. And she likened the children to the vision we have to fulfill in this life. Then she asked, which of the women am I like? The one who slumbered too much and killed her vision or the other one whose vision was exchanged for a dead one?
This really got me thinking and I decided to share this with you. We all have a purpose to fulfill in the body of Christ. Although some may seem more significant than others, they are all seen as equal before God. And unfortunately, most of us who call ourselves laborers in God’s vineyard have procrastinated so much that we have killed our talents and vision. Time is not on our side and this is definitely not the time for slumber. We sometimes give excuses like ‘the time is not right’, ‘I’ll do it next time’, ‘Am I the right one for this task?’ and we hesitate and make our talents dormant.
Others too have slumbered too much that their vision and purpose have been exchanged for dead ones even without them noticing. Whether we admit it or not, people around us can see what we are capable of doing and those who have already killed their vision would stealthily come for us if we don’t stop dilly-dallying about. God is in dying need for souls and if we are hesitating to win them for Him, He would take that heart burden of His which is our purpose and give it to someone who has availed himself to be used by God. I don’t think anyone wants his talent or vision to be given to someone else.
Please, whatever we have been entrusted to do, no matter how insignificant people may find it to be, let’s wake up from our slumber (distractions from the troubles of this life) and let’s get back to work. God is waiting on us to win more lost souls for Him. Let’s not let Him down; He didn’t- He rescued us when we were lost. Now he’s counting on us to win over our brothers and sisters who still haven’t found the light. Let’s not slumber, it’s dangerous!


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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