Walking on this road called life…

This world has turned out to be a wild jungle-survival of the fittest. We now live in the world where people are constantly scheming ways and means to cheat and steal from one another without any scruples. We are living in the era where greed and selfish desires cloud people’s mind and all they eat is a meal of deceit and wicked schemes. We seem to be living during time where being your brother’s keeper is virtually non-existent.

On this road called life, the path is never straight; it would sometimes lead to the top of a mountain and at other times, it would lead to the very bottom of a valley. You may have started this race called life with many others but as you have realized by now, not all of them are still in the race. Some of them have left it entirely and some too are strayed to run on different lanes.

People live this life with different ideologies- some believing there is no God, some believing they are own god, some worshipping different forms of idols as gods, whiles others believe in prophets or other leaders with beliefs full of inconsistencies which tend to contradict themselves. When God created us and gave us life, he gave us the free will to choose one’s own path and it is sad many people have chosen the path which looks very enticing full of pleasures of every kind which is leading them to eternal destruction.
Narrow is the path to heaven’s gate, hence few people find it and walk in it and broad is the way to destruction, thus many people follow it. Sadly, these two paths are widely apart but the good news is the cross on which Christ died has bridged the gap between these two paths. All it takes is one to come to the cross and walk on the right path following the steps of Jesus, the Way.

This life could be a lonely, painful and sorrowful experience when you are lost. It is a long lonely road without Jesus to guide you. It could be very miserable living in this world where all people do is to cheat, steal, kill and destroy. It is beyond unsafe when the people who assure you they have got your back are the very ones stabbing you at the back. It is a struggling world where everywhere you turn for help, you see traps everywhere waiting to catch you in their grip.

Blessed be God who gave us his beloved Son to find us when we were totally lost in our tangled web of mess. Jesus is the answer to everything you are looking for. He is the only one who grants us true peace in the midst of chaos; he is the Prince of peace. If we rely on Him, we will never lack because He is the Bread of life. He can be your Father, brother, friend, lover, whatever you need Him to be only if you will believe and accept Him into your life.
He is the true Guide in this journey called life because His plans for our lives are perfectly flawless and if we are met with obstacles, He will help you sail through. How much more can we ask for? He’s everything we can ever get in this life. It gets even better after this life. On that glorious day, He will give you a crown of righteousness by walking by His side throughout this journey called life.

Please tell someone about this Guide, Jesus, who will take your hand and lead you safely to your heavenly home. Everything we see in this world is temporary and vain but the promises of God are eternal and precious. Life is just a journey but the path we choose will determine where we will end up-beautiful Heaven or terrible Hell. The choice is yours.


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  1. Susan Michaels says:

    You have told this truth so clearly…the truth of the world’s ‘jungle’ mindset growing more and more wild…and the Way, Truth and Life waiting for everyone in Jesus. God will bless your writing and messages, Joseyphina. Keep sharing the Lord’s light! 🙂


  2. Abbie says:

    Wow! I am very and always happy 2 kol u my sister. What a wonderful article. God bless u very much


  3. It is wonderful that we share the same spiritual DNA! Always remember that Jacob I loved and Esau I hated, and even saying that did he not also bless Esau with a blessing also. Continue to be the radiant light that you are to this world and continue to lift up and help turn away lost soul’s from to the world to the “Way”.


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