Guard yourself

We live in dangerous times where we can unconsciously contaminate our spirits with worldly stuff. Books, movies, music, you name it. You may have decided to totally live for God and keep your spirit pure but along the way…well, you ended up listening to that song that awoke those bodily desires in you or you read that book or watched that movie that brought back all those sensual images which you had managed to push back into your unconscious mind. It is natural; it happens to everyone. So don’t be hard on yourself and bury yourself in guilt. Thank Jesus for the blessed Cross!

How can we guard our spirits from being polluted from the various worldly agents? We should make it a point to make Jesus the first person we talk to when we wake up in the morning. Tell Him how much you would want to go through the day without offending Him. Ask for His Spirit to be with you and speak to you whenever you are about to stray away. He will guard your tongue from saying profanity and shield your mind from thinking obscenities and keep your eyes from watching indecencies. This might be difficult since much of what we call entertainment these days are strongly themed with profanity and obscenities but our Helper will make sure you are safe.
But if you have already succumbed to the enticing temptations this world offers, it is not the end of the world. Just go on your knees because your sanctification is just a prayer away. Jesus understands because He once walked on this earth and He knows exactly how it feels when the fleshy desires are fighting you to be satisfied. And when you have prayed in faith, believe that the past is behind you so don’t allow the enemy to deceive you that you are worthy of God’s love because you fell short and hence feel guilty but rejoice that we have a God who is merciful and steadfast in love-unconditional love. God definitely hates sin but He so loves the sinner so don’t feel down, you were bought at a price-the precious blood of Jesus.

Live life to the fullest, enjoy your days because God has given you the grace to live through each day but always remember you have an appointment with the righteous Judge one day. Live care-free before God (without care or burden) because God cares most about you. Remember, the same way you guard your wallet or purse from being stolen by pickpockets or thieves, do your best to do as much for your heart and spirit from being stolen by the enemy because He also seeks to steal, kill and destroy.
Take care; I love you all but remember God loves you most.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan Michaels says:

    Amen! Blessed ARE the pure in heart…Lord, keep us in Your ways. A great teaching, Josey!


  2. Abbie says:

    Wow! Such an inspiring article. Thank u very much n may God bless u


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