To the lover of my soul,

My heart leaps with pure joy just at the thought of you as I woke up this morning; as I breathed in the fresh air of the morning and felt the sweet sunshine on my face;

If you are reading this, I just want you to know how wonderful it feels to be loved by You. No one has, can or will ever love me the way You love me;

Even when I rejected Your love and chased after worthless things so as to feel loved and belonged, You never for once gave up on me. You always stood with Your arms open wide full of love and mercy;

When I first accepted Your love, I was shy to introduce you to my friends who did not know you or believe in Your love but You were patient with me; You still loved me all the same;

There were times when I ignored you in the mornings or refused to talk to you because I was angry that You did not do what I asked of You but You never left my side;

I remember the times I broke up with you to be with the people who did not know you and I did stupid and horrible things. I remember after it all, when I was left alone, heartbroken, guilty and unworthy, You came to me and wrapped Your arms around me;

You forgave me without hesitation when I returned asking to come back into your arms. You never ever reminded me of all the hurtful things I did to you. You continued to love me more and more;

Now that I am beginning to understand Your wondrous love with each passing day, I am no more shy to tell my friends about who You are to me. Now I know that true love has no strings attached so I want You to know I love you not because of what You can give me but just because of who You are;

I love you because You first loved me; even whiles I was a stranger to Your love, You still loved me. You left Your throne to die a shameful death on the cross so I do not perish;

You died in my place so I can be a co-heir with You in Your kingdom. When You died, You tore the veil so I can enter Your most holy place to commune with You;

I always feel You around me; even during the hardest times, I can still feel Your peace within me. When I find myself in trouble, You always find a way to rescue me;

You stay by me when I am sleeping not looking away even for once. You give me the sweetest dreams I cannot imagine on my own. You have never failed me yet and You never will since You have me promised me so and I believe in You completely;

Because I am madly in love with You, I want You to know that, my life is no longer mine but completely Yours. Let Your will for my life be done because I know Your plans for me are always the best;

I ask of this please; that You never let me go astray; never let me be drawn away from You because I know that I will lose my breath the very minute I do since You are the very breath I breathe. Keep me in Your love and give me the grace to live a holy life just as You are holy;

Now I cannot wait for You to come and take me to the beautiful place You have prepared for me. I am busily preparing myself here so that when You finally do come, You will find me as the beautiful bride that I am supposed to be;

I cannot wait for Your reply. And have I told you that I’m in love with You? I know I have; just wanted to say it again so You don’t forget. Don’t want to go but I need Your reply so I have to end here. Please reply soon, love You!
Forever in love,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Very descriptive expression of the one on one relationship with our Lord!


  2. I can hear the love you have for Jesus. You and I have somethings in common beside poetry. Great poem!


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