Life is a journey meant to be taken with the Creator of life itself in order to find meaning out of it;
Life is a stage where everyone gets the chance to show the world how real the love of Jesus is to the world;
Life is a ladder where one moves from one step to the other only by the grace and will of our God and Creator;
Life is a book where each chapter shows how great God’s faithfulness is to us and each lesson God has taught us during each phase we go through;
Life is a season because as one’s season ends when he draws in his last breath so does one’s season begin when he draws in his first breath;
Life is a song because everyone’s lyrics of experiences are different all giving glory to God;
Life is a path where we follow the Way to our prepared destination; our eternal home;
Life is a wave as its journey is never straight; it is full of ups and downs which is comforting because it assures us that no situation is permanent;
Life is a wind-it takes you places where you haven’t thought of before; it makes you meet some kind of people you thought never existed and situations you always thought as a fantasy;
Life is a blessing because anytime you open your eyes to the rising sun and a beautiful morning; you should know that God has a great plan to use you for His glory;
Life is a drug; sometimes living gives hope that all will be well; sometimes it drowses you so much that you get confused with what your purpose for living it; but when we abuse it by living in a wild way, we can addicted and bonded to things which are hard to pull out from;
Life is a testimony of how we have been saved from the snares of darkness and now share in the marvelous light of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Life is a mirror as how you live reflect the love of Christ to the world;
Life is everything God intended us to have and enjoy in His image and in His likeness to bring glory to His name and to commune with Him as personally as possible.
So live your life to the fullest to the glory of our Lord; if you are alive, seize the opportunity and show and tell the love of Christ to someone today. And don’t forget to smile-it helps!


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  1. a very lovely and interesting poem and enjoyable to read . from kevin in hampshire uk lovely words and thoughts.


  2. Life, is a beautiful first dance with someone new! Your words move with a surety and confidence that those if have been writing for a while possess! Your style is unique and your narration is pleasant. It is so easy to read and its appeal is the truth in its message. Thanks for sharing. It provided a special lift today! May God continue to keep your heart and mind full, that you may always disperse more beauty to the world! Your brother in Christ. P.S. Thanks for visiting and signing up on my site also!


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